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Quality Beneath Your Feet:
Elevate Your Space with Our Impeccable Flooring Solutions!

A & B Flooring Ltd.

Elevate your space to new heights of elegance and functionality with A&B's top-notch flooring services. With over 25 years of industry expertise, we specialize in providing seamless and stress-free experiences, ensuring your vision for the perfect space becomes a reality. Our commitment to unrivaled quality is reflected in our use of premium materials sourced from trusted suppliers, offering a diverse range including any types of carpets, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl plank, and tile.

At A&B Flooring, customization is key—we work closely with you to design flooring solutions that align with your unique style and preferences. Our dedicated installation team ensures flawless execution, leaving you with a stunning floor that enhances the overall appeal of your space. We understand the importance of budget considerations, and that's why we offer cost-effective options without compromising on quality. Take advantage of our exclusive limited-time offers and schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts today.

Ready to redefine your space? Contact us anytime to embark on the journey to a transformed and inspired living or working environment. Thank you for considering A&B Flooring for your flooring needs.

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Welcome to our A&B Carpet Solutions, where every step counts towards pristine floors and satisfied customers. We understand that carpets aren't just floor coverings; they're an integral part of comfort and aesthetics in any space. That's why our tailored carpet services encompass a spectrum of offerings designed to cater to every need, ensuring that your carpets remain a luxurious, inviting asset within your home or business.

A&B fantastic solutions involves offering comprehensive carpet services that cater to various needs:



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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Hardwood Flooring

Floor Tile

Laminate Flooring

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Repairs & Maintenance


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Flooring Ltd.

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